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AoS-Screen wider by Obhan

This is important news for anyone who plays, or has played and liked, the table top miniatures war game, Warhammer.

So this is what happened, a few hours ago I was working on my computer and up came some tweets from Angry Joe. Apparently someone had sent him the rules pdf for the new version of Warhammer which is released today, and they were filled with some pretty crazy stuff, some were simply questionable rules choices, like armies no longer having points totals, so you could include as many models in your army as you had, no matter the number. But there are also some really weird stuff, like the player with the bigger beard can re-roll bad saves, or talking to some miniatures during your turn gave them benefits, and other things. He thought, and I thought, that he was being trolled, and then I looked into it.

Turns out it's real, the whole thing, including the stuff about beards.…

So I'll put this out first of all, I'm not a huge Warhammer fan, I'm more of a 40k guy, but I've played my share of WFB games, and I played a lot more when I was younger and could afford new models (I had to stop when I went to Uni), though I still play occasionally with my old army sets among friends. But I am a huge fan of the setting, and I love a lot of the books published by the Black Library, again mostly 40k books like Gaunts Ghosts or the Commissar Cain series, but I still love Warhammer books, like Felix and Gotrek or the old Konrad novels.

Still it had been a while since I'd checked in to see what was happening in the game, so it came as a little surprise to find out the changes that come with the launch of the new edition today.

First things first, the setting? yeh that's gone, blasted apart apparently and literally. The Warhammer world is now a series of connected mortal realms, mostly ruled over by chaos, with the good factions being led by the God King Sigmar (yup he's back) who is trying to retake the realms to form a celestial paradise. And the new models for the game all look like Space Marines for some reason, and the starter set? it costs $125(US) or £75(UK).

Then all the rules stuff, yup, that's real too. Armies no longer have points totals, the rule book, which before used to be a hardback book with 300+ pages covering every eventuality, is now a 4 page pdf with an incredibly simplified playstyle that I presume is to make it easier for newcomers to the game. Also the beards and talking to miniatures things are also real (and kinda funny if it wasn't depressing), and you can read all about them below in the link to the PDF rules posted on the GW website. (The beard rule is an ability for the Thane with Battle Standard character in the Dwarfs PDF, and the talking to a miniature is for the Konrad Von Carstein character in the Vampire Counts, and there's probably weirder stuff I haven't read yet in the other army books).…

So yeh, all that happened.

Right now I'm still kinda shocked by all this. Part of me is hoping that I'm just really stupid and have fallen for a hoax like with those new April Fools Day Draenei Models.

Still this is GW were talking about. As much as I love their game settings and fantasy world, the company has done some dickish things in the past, aside from raising the cost of models through the roof, they also sue people who make fan films and tried to trademark the term 'Space Marine'. So I guess this isn't too unexpected a thing to happen.

All I know is that I'm sure as hell gonna hold on tight to my old rulebooks :S


Looks like some people are not reacting well to the changes in the new edition,…
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Quick question how would you rank the Women of the Game Killer Instinct?

You've the formally flirtation and secretive agent B.Orchid who has taken it upon herself to fight the corrupt and amoral UltraTech and has adopted a more serious attitude.……

The exotic and fierce Warrior Maya, sworn to protect the world from monsters.…

A deadly and merciless Assassin leader named Sadira.…

And Aria the dangerous AI that runs UltraTech who is obsessed with hurrying Humanity's Evolution.…

There's actually two others but one, Kim-Wu. Has yet to make a High Def appearance, and the other Hisako. is a creepy Japanese ghost girl. So yeah. 

Obhan Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2015   Digital Artist
Sorry dude I'm not very familiar with the game, or it's characters.

But they all look quite fine to me :D
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Just look up their trailers on youtube and you've got the idea.
Obhan Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015   Digital Artist
Well I'm still not sure on ranking best to worst, though I would say my favourite is Maya, I like her character design the best probably.
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